Team Tennis

Part of a player’s development is that they need to know how to play competitively.  We at A&M Tennis feel very strongly about encouraging the top players to play matches and therefore we are very active in producing teams in both the Winter and Summer seasons.  Over recent years we have won many leagues in various age groups, but while this is great it is the experience of taking part and not always key but sure enough with all things equal we ill strive to suceeed. We run teams from under 10 through to Adults and in fact as a club we have put out more teams than many other clubs in Suffolk in the summer national competitions (3rd highest).

Click here to download the AEGON team tennis 2014 dates.

Club Tournament

Our aim in 2014 is to start running Club Tournaments. These will be split into age group categories and more details will be published in due course.

We run an under 14 ‘Road to Wimbledon’ tournament each year at the Club where winners get the opportunity to play at Wimbledon.

Matchplay Days

Our intention is to start running 10.2 to 8.2 matchplay days to give our more experienced players to improve their ratings and for other club members to come and play

County/Regional Tournaments

Below is a link for visitors to access easily tournaments that take place across the Eastern Region.  Players should liaise with the A&M Tennis Coaches as to suitable tournaments.